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(a trailer, promo for a TV series or movie)

Entries: 5/12

Duration: 1.01 - 31.01 (closed)




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  • you may enter up to one video,
  • only submit your own work - DO NOT use clips from other vids; if your submission is found to contain stolen clips, it will be disqualified and you will be banned from future rounds,
  • no PORN, please; violence or nudity are allowed, but please include a warning in your comment,
  • don't vote for your own video,(Please feel free to invite your friends over to vote, but DO NOT ask them to vote for you or anyone else. This is considered cheating.);
  • you do not have enter only new video, made by you for the chalenge, you can enter a video that has been done previously and placed on another site,
  • video should last longer than 1 minute,
  • all vids are automatically entered into Best Editing, Best Video, Best Music Use and Mod's Choice,
  • upload your video using Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe eg.,
  • your video must be downloadable too,
  • you have to adapt to the tasks set for each challenge,
  • the maximum number of entries for each contest - 12 (don't worry if you too late send your video, you will be having a chance later; topics of challenges may be repeated),
  • if your video not win you can submit it once again in future challenges,
  • in December, there will always be summaries and we will choose the Best of the Best,
  • use your common sense and good manners, and if you're unsure about anything, ask our friendly mod :)



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