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Fanvid Contest - Round 12 closed - VOTING


Finally I closed round 12. We have only 5 entries but I decided to wait no more. Thank you Valika, Galadriel, MariaPurt, Chayiana and Holdt for submission. 

So, let the voting begins! ;)

Rules, entries and polls are HERE.

Fanvid Contest

Hi guys!


First of all I'd like to thank you for your all kind words and welcome! You're amazing! 

As for the Fanvid Contest, I have 3 entries for now, from: Valika, Galadriel and MariaPurt. Few more entries would be awesome ;). So I'm still waiting and extend the time of entering to 22.11.


Fanvid Contest section complete!

Finally I completed Fanvid Contest section. Until now, no information about the winners was available. If you want to see awards and winners from previews rounds take a look here :).


Hello guys! I'm really glad that I can welcome you to my new site :). I decided to make a one site which contains my all stuff, works etc. It also contains Fanvid Contest which you can know from LJ.

I'm not an Englishwoman so don't be surprised if my english will be bad or unintelligible. But I'm sure that you'll be forgiving ;).

Ok then. Welcome once again! And enjoy! :)